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Non-Ferrous Coil Polishing

At American Nickeloid, we offer solid brass, bronze or copper coils processed to a bright, satin or antique finish, all protected with a clear coating. In addition to these highly decorative finishes, we offer a non-decorative product for functional application.

Material testing, including adhesion and corrosion resistance, are performed according to ASTM standards as well as additional customer requirements.

Polished coils can be slit or cut to specific lengths to meet customer specifications. Blanket order releases, kanbans, and JIT shipping schedules can be used to accommodate a range of production volume and lead time requirements. As an ISO 9001 certified company, customers can count on us to consistently provide the high quality products and services they require. For more information about our metal polishing capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Non-Ferrous Coil Polishing Capabilities

Feature Specification
Capabilities Polishing
Finishes Bright
Satin (Brushed)
Materials Non-Ferrous
Raw Material Form Coil
Material Thickness 0.008" to 0.097"
Material Width 12" to 36"
Coil Outer Diameter Up to 44"
Master Coil Inside Diameter 16" to 24"
Maximum Coil Size 9,200 lbs.
Applications Interior
Additional Services Slitting
Cut to Length
Final Material Form Coils
Lead Time Quoted on a Job by Job Basis

Additional Information

Feature Specification
Industry Focus Appliance
Mobile Home
Retail Fixtures
Industry Standards ISO 9001 Certified
NCCA Member
National Coil Coaters Association
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