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Appliance Products

In today's consumer landscape, remodeling projects are highly popular and on trend. This can be observed not only in the slew of remodeling-based reality shows, but also in the sales of sleek high-end kitchen products made from the finest materials.

While this pursuit can be extremely expensive, at American Nickeloid, we offer products with the same stainless steel look with much lower costs. We focus on four basic metallic types, including painted, plated, polished, and laminated coils of HDG and stainless steel. These metals can be buffed until they have a sheen or satin-appearing finish. They work well for use in kitchen appliances of all types, including refrigerator doors and wraps. Often used for trophies and awards, our buffed coils of metal are both beautiful and economical, and can be painted to meet virtually any look or specification.

To find out more about our luxurious-looking, custom-made metal coil appliances, please contact us directly.