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Vending & Commercial Refrigeration

At American Nickeloid, we have over 100 years of experience providing customers with cutting edge products with superior performance. We provide a number of unique offerings, including our trademarked Laminol.

We create Laminol by bonding a number of plastic films to aluminum and stainless, galvanized, and cold-rolled steel. The strength and flexibility of this material allows our customers to use it for a variety of diverse applications, including sturdy, robust vending machines. Its strength and excellent appearance have been proven many times in a number of industries and applications, and these characteristics transfer well to the vending field.

Laminol is electro galvanized, and works easily in a commercial refrigeration setting. It can be laminated for added ruggedness and clear display. Laminol can be made with a wide variety of unique textures and appearances, making it perfect for vending machines of all types.

To learn more about our unique product, Laminol, and how it can help in a wide variety of vending machine applications, please contact us directly.